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How to Make a Post-it Note Holder

Post-it note holder

You Will Need

  • Craft Asylum - Home Sweet Home - 6 x 6" Paper pad (480296)
  • Craft Asylum - Home Sweet Home - Embellishment set (480043)
  • Craft Asylum - Home Sweet Home - Stamp set (480050)
  • Post-it Note Pad
  • 22cm x 10cm rectangle of white card
  • 14cm x 10cm rectangle of white card
  • 6.5cm x 10cm rectangle of white card
  • 7cm x 10.5cm rectangle of silver card
  • 7cm x 5cm deep green card
  • 7cm x 5cm pale green card
  • Leaf templates
  • Ink
  • Double-sided finger lift tape
  • Ultra sticky double-sided tape
  • 2 foam pads


  • Place the long 22cm x 10cm rectangle of card onto your cutting mat lengthways and then score a line 14cm from the right hand side and then again 7cm from the first score line to make the base for your holder.
  • Fold along the score lines and then apply ultra sticky tape to the 1cm section that remains.
  • Stick the smaller rectangle of card into position ensuring it lines up with the base.
  • Cut two 14cm x 10cm rectangles of Home Sweet Home papers and use double-sided tape to stick these into position on the base and top of holder.
  • Stamp a motif onto the bottom right hand corner of a white 6.5cm x 10cm rectangle of card.
  • Stick the printed white card rectangle to a silver 7cm x 10.5cm rectangle of card using double-sided tape and then attach to the holder using foam pads.
  • Cut out six 1.3mm strips of paper from the Home Sweet Home paper and then trim away approximately 1.5cm from the ends of two of the strips.
  • Take one of the longer strips and fold this in half. Open out and bend each of the ends into the fold line and secure with double-sided tape. Repeat this with remaining three long strips and two short strips.
  • Assemble your rosette by sticking two long strips together in a cross using ultra sticky tape. Stick the other two longer strips plus the two shorter strips in the same way and then stack them all using the smaller versions on the tap and securing all of them with double-sided tape.
  • Attach two green leaves created by cutting around the templates provided and decorate with a button or brad. Fix your rosette flower into position using ultra sticky tape.

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