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How to Make a Framed Birdy Artwork

Framed Birdy Artwork

You Will Need

  • Craft Asylum – Meadow Sweet - 12x12" Paper Pad (480128)
  • Craft Asylum – Meadow Sweet - Embellishment Set (480111)
  • 18x23cm White Frame
  • White Cotton Thread
  • Blue Card
  • Foam Pads
  • Double-sided Tape


  • Dismantle your frame and discard the glass before using double-sided tape to attach the branch and bird box designed paper to the back board of the frame ensuring that the end of the leaves are positioned nicely as indicated.
  • Attach a band of stripy paper to the base of the design as it appears in the frame and then fix the back board into the frame.
  • Fix a 'Smile' brad to the centre of an orange die-cut flower from the paper pad and then stick this into position using a foam pad.
  • Score and fold the long edges of a 13.5x3cm rectangle of blue card 0.5cm from each edge. Open flat and then score and fold again 5cm from each short edge.
  • Stick this to the back of the die-cut Bird Box and then apply double-sided tape to the other scored section and stick this in to position.
  • Trim the 'friend' cardboard flag from the embellishment set so that it fits over the hello sign on the die-cut bird box. Stick this on with double-sided tape.
  • Use a needle to thread a length of cotton through the base of the bird box and secure one end with a knot. Measure the cotton so that it just reaches the inside bottom of the frame and then secure the end to the reverse of a die-cut heart using a foam pad, stick this to the frame as indicated.

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