With metres upon metres on a ball there are endless uses for yarn… Crochet, Knitting, Pom Poms and so on.

Here we share some ideas for some makes, some designed for the more professional of knitter and others a little simpler.

Pom Pom Wall Decoration

With the help of a Pom Pom Maker, you can make this simple yet stylish wall decoration. The wools can be switched out to match any colour scheme and with some string or yarn and a wooden rod, this make can add a modern touch to any room.



This snuggly scarf make is the perfect woolen winter warmer. This chunky knit scarf is bang on trend and is a must-have for every wardrobe – why not have a go at making your own?

Flax & Twine

You can download the pattern for this very scarf for free by Anne Weil right here.


So, we’ve covered pom poms and scarves – this blanket makes use of both! What more could you want in time for winter than this chic addition?

Knit your scarf on a bigger scale (enough so you can wrap it around yourself) and add the colourful pom poms once you’re done!

Mollie Makes


We all need extra storage to keep our yarns and needles tidy so why not have a go at making it yourself? We love these baskets, but storage comes in all different shapes and sizes so take a look for yourself and see if you can find something that may suit you a little more.

In The Loop Knitting

Crochet Bag

This one is designed for the professional of a crocheter, but what better than a personalised bag to add to your outfit!

Mandie The Mommy

Crochet Bear

Again, one for a more experienced crocheter, this make is super cute and would make a fab gift for a new baby! With some crochet yarn, a hook, cotton and thread and some stuffing to complete it, you’re set to make this cuddly bear!


We hope you enjoy making some of these yarn creations. Remember to check back in with us for more creative ideas.