With some schools still on half term and World Book Day fast approaching, it could be a good time to turn your hand at some crafts with the kids and make up one of these World Book Day costume ideas.

Little Mermaid

For all those budding mermaids out there, this is the perfect costume idea. You can build your mermaid tail using crochet band which you build on with circles of sequined or glittery blue and green materials and add a mermaid tail shape at the bottom. Pair this with a plain white or pale green strappy top to complete the outfit.

Mama Papa Bubba

Willy Wonka’s Hat

Pair this with a slick purple jacket and you’ve got the perfect costume. You can build your hat from a card board base and then cover in a velvet material and complete with some feathers, tulle and a cut out a golden ticket using some glitter and golden coloured card.


Queen of Hearts

This costume is super easy to recreate! Grab a plain red tee from the shop, cut out some tiny little white felt hearts and grab yourself the heart cards from a deck of cards. Using a glue gun, glue the heart cards around the collar of the tee and sporadically glue the felt hearts over the top too. Complete the outfit with a wand and a little crown too – both of these can be handmade too.

Little Button Diaries

Peter Rabbit

Following on from the massive trend of Peter Rabbit last year, we thought this costume idea was a great one to shortlist. Use a headband and some brown and pale pink felt to make yourself some massive, floppy rabbit ears and pair this with a plain blue hoody which has had huge, wooden buttons added. Add a brown satchel style bag and there you have your own Peter Rabbit impersonation.

Alisher Wood

Mary Poppins

A Mary Poppins costume is perfect for following the hype of the film released in December, and this costume couldn’t be simpler to recreate. A simple shirt and blue or black skirt can be used as the base and then the next key piece is the hat. This is where you will need to get crafty. Find a plain black hat, of course in the Mary Poppins style, and then you’ll need to use some yellow and white materials to create some flowers, along with some green embroidery floss to incorporate the vines.

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