This pom pom wreath is the perfect winter warmer for your home - and it's so simple to make! Here, we show you how...


Pom Pom Maker Set – Large


Greenery and berries

Embroidery hoop

Hot glue gun

How to make it:

1. Take one of your pom pom makers and fill the first half by wrapping the wool around it.

2. Do this again to fill the second half and close the pom pom maker.

3. Cut the wrapped wool through the centre to make your pom pom. Tie the loose length of wool around the centre of your pom pom, knotting it to secure it. Once you have done this trim with scissors to tidy your pom pom.

4. Make the number of pom poms using the green and blue pom pom maker. Between 8 and 10 pom poms will fill half of the wreath, but if you'd prefer you can use more to fill the whole hoop.

5. Tie the pom poms around the wreath and secure with hot glue.

6. Add an extra Christmas touch by using some greenery, using a hot glue gun to stick them.

7. As a final finishing touch use a hot glue gun to add some berries and leaves to your wreath.

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