With the wedding planning in full swing, its time to share the date of your upcoming nuptials with the people you love by sending out your wedding invitations. But where do you start?We know its super difficult to remember everything you need to include in your wedding invitations, which is why we’ve pulled together a checklist of the top things to include to help take the pressure off!

Wedding Invite

  • Consider who it is inviting people to your big day – is it you, the bride’s parents/step parents or groom’s parents/step parents?
  • Make it obvious who you’re inviting (no one wants that awkward conversation where one of your guests is asking where her boyfriend is meant to be sat when the reality is he wasn’t invited)
  • The time and date of the wedding
  • The location of the wedding
  • Is there a theme or type of dress code you want people to adhere to? This isn’t obligatory but if you do have a type of dress code or theme in mind you need to let people know.
  • Gift List – we know this is a bit of a grey area, but people like to know what to gift the Bride and Groom. Ensure people are aware a gift is non-obligatory but advise whether you’d like donations towards your honeymoon or whether you have a wish list.
  • Destination wedding? Make sure to send your invites out as early as possible, this ensures guests can book their flights and accommodation so they can make it. It’s also really helpful to let your guests know which airport they need to fly in to.

Reception Invite

If you’re only inviting guests to your wedding reception, make it totally obvious. Tell them the location, what time they need to be there and when they need to book carriages for. The last thing you want is stragglers at the end of your big day!

Directions Slip

Ensure your guests don’t get lost with a detailed map, some simple but reliable directions and an address with a post code for the sat nav! It’s also a good idea to do the research for them, so include public transport options and numbers for local taxi companies for those who choose not to drive (everyone enjoys a tipple or two at a wedding).

Accommodation Slip

If you’ve got guests coming from here, there and everywhere give them the details of some local hotels and B&B's within a range of budgets.

If you’re going to have a lot of guests needing overnight accommodation, its worthwhile speaking to your venue (if they have rooms) or some local hotels to see if they’re open to giving you a discounted rate if a certain number of rooms are booked.


Make replying to your invite easy!

Create a slip that already has your address and a highlighted area for the postage stamp on one side, and a place for your proposed guests to complete their names and some simple tick boxes to say ‘yes, we can make it’ or ‘no we can’t join you but enjoy your day’ on the other. This ensures your guests have no excuse for not replying to your invite!

You might also want to consider an area for guests to write down any special dietary requirements too - after all you'll be catering for everyone right?

An alternative RSVP method is via email. Be sure to create an email address designated for the wedding though, this means responses don’t get muddled in with your day to day stuff.

An Outer Envelope

This is an integral part of your invite as you need this to send your invite out to your guests. You quite often need to order these separately to your invites so make sure you add these to your list. You can add a fancy patterned envelope lining to your outer envelope for that extra special finishing touch, or seal it shut with style by using a wax seal stamp.

The Nice To Haves

A Belly Band Or Inner Envelope

Make it easy for your guests to keep all your inserts together by incorporating them into a belly band or fancy inner envelope. The belly band or inner envelopes can be completely different to the outer envelope so think laser cut patterns, a patterned cardstock to complement your invite design.

Song Request Cards

Want to build on your wedding playlist? Ask your guests for some song ideas by including a Song Request card in your invite. It's a fun way of getting those that are attending your big day to get involved in the run up!

Wedding Itinerary

Do you have a pre-wedding meal planned the evening before your big day? Or even a post wedding brunch to share the stories and highlights of the day? Let your guests know in a wedding itinerary.

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