Just in time for Valentine's Day, this cute hanging hearts bunting is perfect for decorating your home.


Here's our how to video, but we've also popped some written instructions below too.

How to make it:

1.  Cut out pink strips:

  • 12 18cm strips in dark pink
  • 12 20cm strips in medium pink
  • 12 22cm strips in light pink

2.  Fold the 18cm dark pink strip in half and curl the ends using a pencil. Glue the ends together to create a heart shape.

3.  Take the 20cm medium pink strip and fold it in half and then curl the ends using your pencil. Before gluing the ends together to create a heart, glue the crease of your dark pink heart into the folded crease of the medium pink heart. Now curl the ends into a heart shape and glue. Repeat these steps for the light pink strip. You should end up with a three-layered heart. Repeat all of these steps to create four hearts.

4.  Cut four 4cm strips (same thickness as previous strips) and glue into the top crease of the heart and hole punch at the top.

5.  Cut a length of string and loop it at the end. Leave a space, knot, thread through a bead, knot, thread through papercraft heart, knot, thread through bead, knot, leave space. Repeat these steps to add all four hearts to your bunting.