Move over minimalism – there’s a new kid in town! Maximalism.

This trend focuses on bringing together a whole load of different fabrics, patterns, textures, colours, and periods and is without a doubt one of this year’s biggest trends.

If you’ve been wanting to mix some bold patterns and fabrics but haven’t had the confidence to try it, now is the time to give it a go! This maximalism trend is the perfect excuse to! Be careful not to just throw things together though, maximalism is all about ensuring they complement each other too.

Here’s a couple of pointers if you’re a first-time maximalist:

  • Start small – start bringing in colourful cushions in clashing tones, or bold wallpaper to add drama to a room.
  • Connect your interiors - make sure your mix of colours, patterns and textures feel connected and work in symmetry with one another.
  • Mix things up – mixing materials and styles in your home makes for an interesting home, adding an element of surprise for your guests.
  • Tell a story – when there’s a common theme between colours, materials and textures it helps your home tell a story. Use nature to bring in different textures, use accent colours and accessories that enhance patterns in fabrics. Whilst they’re colourful and create business, often it makes things exciting and makes sense.
  • Follow your heart – don’t feel pressured to stick definitively to someone else’ design, maximalism should be an extension of your personality. Try colours and prints you fall in love with and add textures and patterns you really enjoy! Make your house your home!

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