Summer is well and truly here! We’re getting together all of our favourite summer project ideas for the warmer weather, and we can’t wait to get creating some tropical themed projects.

The great thing about crafting in the summer time is being able to sit outdoors, we love sitting in the sun whilst we’re getting creative! There’s lots of inspiration outdoors, from all the summer colours and flowers blossoming.

Tropical has been a really popular theme recently! The bright colours and nature inspired shapes create the perfect design for summer craft projects. From toucans to banana leaves and plenty of green! Adding in lots of colour works really well with a tropical theme, the brighter the better!

We’ve gathered some of our favourite tropical craft ideas for you to try, from wall art to embroidery hoops.

Check them out below:

Wall Art

We love these bright and bold banana leaf wall art designs! They are an eye-catching design that really lightens up any room. They can be created through printing or painting, and can look really effective when painted in watercolours.

Photo Credit: Zeppi Prints

Photo Credits: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.

To make your wall art even more eye-catching, you could even add in a pink background to really make the green pop!

Photo Credits:
Toucan Embroidery Hoops

We love these ideas for tropical embroidery hoop designs! Toucan’s are the perfect tropical design, bringing an exotic detail. They can either be embroidered using the hoop, or the hoop can be used as the base of a wreath.

Photo Credits:

Photo Credits:

We have a collection of different sized embroidery hoops, find them here.

Photo Credits: Naive Needle

Tropical Garland

Are you thinking of hosting a tropical themed party this summer? We’ve got some great ideas for creating a bright and colourful garden for the party!

Photo Credits: All Her Glory

Photo Credits: Lia Griffith

They can be made out of paper or felt and don’t take a lot of time, plus they look amazing!

Photo Credits: Nicest Things
Crepe Paper Hibiscus Flowers

Crepe paper is perfect for creating Hibiscus flowers, as it gives a realistic texture to the surface of the flower. We love them in soft pinks, reds and yellows! They are also good for making tropical headbands for the summer.

Photo Credit: Lia Griffith

Photo Credits: Debbie Williams

Photo Credits: Nectar Hollow

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