Keeping your craft room tidy seems like an impossible task most days!

Having a messy craft room seems to be a part of being a maker! Whatever the project, no matter how big or small, there seems to be an enormous mess left afterwards. So, to help stop the usual chaos, we’ve looked for some top tips to help keep a tidy craft room.

We thought we would share our favourite organising tips with you.

Here’s some of the best top tips for a tidy craft room:

Fabric Storage

Fabric seems to take up so much space, making it quite hard to store away! A great idea to get around this is using hangers! If you’ve got the space to add in a pole, it’s a great way to store fabric without having loads of boxes taking up space.

Washi Tape Storage

Washi tape is one of our favourite craft items! But, it’s also one of the easiest to lose. We’ve found a genius hack for storing it, using empty Tic Tac holders. They even work as dispensers so you don’t lose the end easily.

Desk Organisers

We’ve all got our favourite bits and bobs scattered around our desks! Keep them all together by using a desk tidy. They are pretty cheap and helpful for avoiding loosing materials.

Magnet Strips

A great way to store tools like scissors is by using a magnetic kitchen strip, which is intended for knifes. It’s a handy way to save space and relatively inexpensive!


Shelving units like the ones featured below are really handy for storing all your craft materials in a place where you can still see them!

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