Whether you have an old denim jacket that needs re-fashioning or you’ve got a vintage jacket that would look amazing with some added badges, we’ve got some ideas for you!

Spring is the perfect time for rocking a denim jacket, especially as the warmer weather arrives. They are the perfect accessory for re-fashioning, with there being so many options for adding new detail, from stitching to badges and embellishments.

You can add as much detail as you want! If you’re a talented embroiderer or someone who is a beginner and wanting to try a new skill like re-fashioning for the first time, there are lots of different options to try out. We’ve collected some of our favourite ideas to try with your denim jacket, including simple and more adventurous designs.

Check them out below:


If you enjoy embroidery, then this is the perfect project for you! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced embroiderer, there’s plenty of embroidery designs to choose from. We’ve really loved the idea of adding floral embroidery to denim jackets, as floral embroidery has been a popular trend of late.

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We have a selection of embroidery thread colours that are perfect for spring, you can find them here.

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We love this summery design for denim jackets! Tassels are really easy to make using embroidery thread, and can also be made of different materials including leather and felt. They look great added on the arms as part of a festival theme look or can add simple detail on the front pockets.

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Take a look at how to make tassels on our tassel jewellery blog here.

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Pom Poms

Adding pom poms to your denim jacket is a really easy way to add a pop of colour for summer!

Whether they are small or big pom poms, they are great for adding some colourful detail along the edges of your jacket. Fabric glue is the best way to add them on, but they can be sewn on also.

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Photo Credit: Liquor & poker 

We’ve got a selection of pom pom accessories that can be used, find them here.

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We love adding badges and iron-on patches to denim jackets! They not only create an amazing design on a jacket, but can showcase your personality. Whether it’s adding on pin-badges that represent some of your favourite things or iron-on embroidered patches in intricate designs.

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