Fringing is a big trend on Pinterest at the moment! We’re loving adding it to some of our favourite accessories, like bags and shoes. So, we thought we would gather some of our favourite fringing inspiration to share with you.

Fringing Main Image

Fringing can be added to any accessory you want, whether for the home or for your latest fashion accessory. It can be used to upcycle an old item to make it look new or add some detail to one of your favourite pieces of vintage clothing!

Fringing can work well with multiple materials too! So no matter what material you work with, whether its crochet yarn, leather or denim, you can add lots of fringing detail!

Here’s some of our favourite items to add fringing to:


These are the perfect fashion accessory for festivals this summer! We really like the crochet handbag design, especially when in bright colours. You can also add fringing to leather handbags too, which would look great paired with your favourite festival wellies.

Bags - King and Eye Crochet

Photo Credit: King and Eye Crochet

Bags - Photo Credit - Oh Oh Blog

Photo Credit: Oh Oh Blog

Bags - Photo Credit - Brand

Photo Credit: Brand

These summer sandals are the perfect fashion accessory for the warmer weather! We love the idea of upcycling some of our older sandals that need a bit of TLC with fringing, it’s a really easy way to create some fashionable sandals.

Shoes - Photo Credit - Lilly the wandering gypsy

Photo Credit: Lily the wandering gypsy

Shoes - Photo Credit - Toast

Photo Credit: Toast

Shoes - Photo Credit - Travel and Lust

Photo Credit: Travel and Lust
Denim Jackets

If fringing shoes or bags isn’t your style, then why not create these classic ‘rocker’ styles by fringing a vintage jacket! These are the perfect accessory for summer concerts, and can be made as colourful as you want.

Denim Jacket - photo Credit - She Lovely

Photo Credit: She Lovely

Denim Jacket - Photo Credit - i.pinimg

Photo Credit: i.pinimg

Denim Jackets - Photo Credit - Missguided

Photo Credit: Missguided

We love these fringed skirts! They are a unique look for the summer that are really easy to create. As much fringing can be added as you want, whether it is all over fringe detail or just added to the hem.

Skirts - Photo Credit - Lauren

Photo Credit: Lauren

Skirts - Photo Credit -

Photo Credit:

Skirts - Photo Credit -

Photo Credit:

If you’re looking to add some fringing detail to your home, these cushions are the perfect home décor piece! Why not try adding some fringing detail alongside some embroidery for a bright and colourful edition to the home.

Pillow - Photo Credit - Deavita.FR

Photo Credit: Deavita.FR

Pillows - Photo Credit -

Photo Credit:

Pillow - Photo Credit - Urban Outfitters

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

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