Are you wanting to find that perfect pair of shoes, but have a tight budget? Then we’ve got the perfect solution! Why not try upcycling or embellishing an old pair of shoes? We’ve got plenty of creative ideas for you to try.

From adding fringing on to a plain pair of heels to doodling on an old pair of trainers, there’s lots of simple but brilliant ideas for creating an eye-catching pair of shoes. If you’ve got a special event to go to or are just wanting to upcycle an old but loved pair of shoes, then take a look at our favourite ideas below:




Want a stand out and unique pair of trainers? Then embroidery is perfect for this! We love the idea of adding red florals onto the side of black or white trainers. It looks really effective!


The Wedding Collections.


Fringing is perfect for adding to summer sandals and heels! Whether you want to add a burst of colour or just add a small and understated trim.

Pom Poms

Vogue Mexico.

Loeffler Randall

Fluffy pom poms make for a fun addition to any sandals! Plus they are really easy to make with a pom pom maker.

Permanent Markers


Jenni Hodges.


Another great way to upcycle some old trainers or pumps is to use permanent marker pens! Add whatever design you like, just like doodling.

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