Easter is always a tough one to cater for. Do you add to the oblivion of chocolate eggs or do you offer a really individualised gift? Think about breaking the chocolate egg trend and offer something super personalised. We’ve got some great ideas right here.

Easter Bunny Apron

A perfect addition for whilst the kids are off, this cute bunny apron is great for getting the kids helping out in the kitchen. Buy a simple pastel coloured apron and prepare to personalise bunny style. Add some patterned pockets to store your essential utensils, a pom pom nose, some floppy ears and some simple stitching to create your facial features.

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Easter Egg Cactus

These Easter Egg Cacti could make the cutest gift and they’re much easier to look after than your real cactus too. Simply decorate a plastic or foam egg shape so it looks a little like a cactus (you could even add tooth picks for spikes if you’re feeling creative) and pop them in miniature pots along with some small, decorative stones.

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Felt Carrot Pencil Case

Perfect for the kids, these felt carrot pencil cases are a great idea for an Easter Gift. Make your carrot out of shaped felts and stitch them together and fill them up with coloured crayons, pencils or pens and gift alongside a colouring book and you’re on to a winner!

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Cute Bunny Frame

This cute bunny frame is a really simple gift idea suitable for any age group. Simply, frame a cut out of a bunny and add a cute pom pom cotton tail and it’s ready for gifting.

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Easter Cookie Recipe Jar

This Easter Cookie Jar gift is a great idea for gifting during the holidays as it can also be used to entertain the kids. Fill your jar with all the ingredients to make some scrummy cookies and complete with a tag on how to make them.

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