Summer is perfect for spending lots of time in the garden! The weather is much warmer, the sun is in the sky and the garden is full of new blooms. Each year we’re adding new crafty pieces, making it the perfect place to spend our summer in.

Gardening and landscaping can turn into quite an expensive hobby! If you’re looking for some DIY ideas on a budget, then we’ve got some easy ideas to try this year. Whether you want to add a splash of colour or just want to brighten up your outdoor space, there’s lots of inexpensive options to try out.

Our favourite (and really easy!) DIY for the garden:

Tin Can Plant Pots

Image Credit: Love This.

A great way of recycling some of the many tin cans we use in the house is to create plant pots with them! They don’t take up a lot of space, so are perfect for the smaller garden, and they are really easy to decorate. Whether you coat them with a metallic paint, create geometric patterns or cover in black chalk paint to label your garden plants.

Carla Faustino

Mason Jar Candle Holders

Blissful Whimsy Events

The Garden Glove

Lights can be an expensive purchase for the garden, but they don’t have to be! If you’re looking to add some lights for the evening time, then why not look at candles? They are the perfect budget solution for lighting the garden at night. If you’re looking to hang them, then mason jars are the perfect candle holders!

La Scositasde Beacheu

Tree Fairy Lights

You and Your Wedding

We love this idea for the garden! If you’ve got trees within your garden and are looking to create an eye catching outdoor area, then this is the perfect solution! Cover the tree trunk with outdoor fairy lights for an impressive night time display.

Garden Chairs


Looking to add a pop of colour to your garden? Then why not upcycle your garden furniture with bright chalk paints? Whether you want pastel colours or bold and eye-catching ones, you can create a piece of furniture to fit perfectly in your outdoor space.

Apartment Therapy

Herb and Fruit Patches


Thrift Diving

If you love to grow your own herbs and food for the kitchen, then why not create your own herb and fruit patch? These DIY holders below are perfect for gardens with not that much space.


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