Every now and again we like to have a refresh of our craft desk! Our craft room is where we feel most creative, so we enjoy re-decorating from time-to-time to make sure we still feel inspired!

There’s plenty of ways to re-fresh your craft desk, from upcycling your desk to adding plenty of bright decorations and nifty storage ideas. We love to be creative with our home décor, especially when we can incorporate crafting into it!

If you’re looking to create a new desk area, then take a look at some of our favourite ideas:

Wall Pen Pots

Need to free up a bit of space and get rid of craft clutter? Why not try hanging pen pots from the wall for some handy storage? Plus, it looks great when filled with lots of multi-coloured pens and supplies.




Handmade Calendars

Keep track of the days and your project timelines with your very own handmade calendar. It’s easy to do if you use tags, make sure you have multiples of 0-10 and the months and you can exchange them every day to show the right date inside a picture frame.


A Beautiful Mess.


Cable Organisers




Cable clutter is annoying! Especially when they get tangled and end up pulling out of sockets. Keep all your cables tangle free and all neatly stored together with these easy solutions below:

Drawer Organiser


The Container Store.

Keeping supplies out on the desk can make it look cluttered, plus it takes up useful craft space. Create your own drawer tidy by using boxes or cardboard separators to ensure all your supplies are stored neatly.

Table Succulents




Who doesn’t love succulents? Because we do! If you love keeping succulents, then why not create some beautifully hand painted plant pots to store them in? These will make the perfect decoration for your new desk space.

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