Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter sparkle? Because we definitely do!

Glitter is our favourite craft supply…even though we can’t ever seem to clean it up. We love to add a sparkle to everything, whether it’s our make-up, hair or even some of our home décor items. For us, the more sparkle the better!

Adding a touch of glitter can really brighten up a project and can also be the perfect accessory for some of our favourite summer events, from festivals to garden parties. We’ve been gathering lots of sparkling inspiration ready to plan in our next glitter-fied project for the summer.

Take a look at some of our favourite ideas:




Wanting to add even more sparkle to your jewellery? Then glitter is the perfect solution! We love these ideas for adding a bit of sparkle, why not try upcycling an old pair of earrings?

Studio DIY

Mason Jar



These are the perfect storage solution for any glitter lovers! We love to store all of our make-up and hair brushes in these glittering mason jars. They are really easy to create, just add glue to the mason jar and evenly cover with glitter. Once covered, leave to dry. If you only want to add in sections, use masking tape to mark off the areas you want to decorate.

KA Styles

Festival Hair

The Gypsy Shrine

The Gypsy Shrine

Who doesn’t want mermaid-approved festival hair? Because we definitely do! The perfect accessory for this year’s music festivals. To add glitter into your hair, either use hair spray or Vaseline.

Face Make-up

In Your Dreams

Bespoke Bride

What’s better to match glittery festival hair than extra glitter face make-up! We love the below ideas for creating some eye-catching glitter make-up. Use the same technique as you would with glitter hair, by adding Vaseline to help the glitter stick.

Tote Bags

Lia Griffith

Craft Hubs

Tote Bags are one of the easiest items to upcycle! Why not add some sparkle to brighten up your everyday tote?

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