A couple of weeks ago we did a short beginners blog post on what macramé is. For those of you that don’t know, it is the art of decoratively tying knots. If you haven’t read this post we recommend you do as it also offers some tips on getting started.

As a follow on, we’ll be sharing our favourite macramé makes to give you some inspiration for your next crafty project, starting off with some simpler ones and then some more elaborate makes for the professional crafters out there.


These cute macramé earrings add an extra special finishing touch to any outfit – the best thing is you can coordinate it to any outfit by using different coloured thread!



We’re loving these macramé bags! With intricate patterns and the option to add some beading too. Why would you not want to be walking around with one of these stylish accessories?

Made Suni Macrame

Hanging Plant Pots

Hanging plant pots are bang on trend! They can be found in shops all over the country right now – but did you know they’re made using macramé? They look great in the house and the garden and make the perfect decoration.

House and Garden

Hanging Storage and Shelves

Wanting a novel way of creating some storage? One that looks decorative too? This macramé make is a great way of organising your bits and pieces so they’re out of the way.

Vintage Ropes

Lamp shades

These lamp shades add a sophisticated accent to any home. You can make them with any colour which means you can coordinate the cord to the colour of your room.

Better Homes & Gardens

We hope we’ve given you plenty of macramé inspiration to get started with your next project. For more inspiration please check out our other blog posts.