Mother's Day Photo Box

Treat your mum to something super personal this year and make a photo box. This cute box design can be used to encase a host of your favourite pictures of you and your mum - the perfect gift this Mother's Day.


How to make it:

1.  Find a box that will be a good size for your photo gift box. Now, take three strips of coordinating patterned paper and adhere around the box.

2.  Wrap around the twine and add the flower.

3.  Trim strips of cardstock 8 cm x 20 cm and score at 10 cm.

4.  Adhere all of the cards together to create a concertina.

5.  To make the front cover, layer blue and patterned papers. Type, print and trim the sentiment and adhere and add the heart.  Trim the back from the brad and adhere using hot glue.

6.  Start to decorate the pages with a mixture of photographs and sentiments, continuing until all of the pages are covered.

There you have it, a photo gift box worthy of treasuring. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter for more inspiration.