how make a pom pom wreath

Wreaths are too great to just be made at Christmas time! They make the most amazing finishing touch to a room or door! Follow this guide on how to make a pom pom wreath to get started!


Clover Pom Pom Maker – Large


Polystyrene wreath

How To Make

1.  Take the pom pom maker and open up both sides.  Start to wrap around the wool and continue until one side is completely full.

step 1 of pom pom wreath

2. Repeat on the second side.

step 2 of pom pom wreath

3. Once full cut both sides around the pom pom maker. Tie wool around the centre and secure.

step 3 of pom pom wreath

4. Release the pom pom from the maker.

step 4 of pom pom maker

5. Repeat until you have enough pom poms in both sizes.

step 5 of pom pom maker

6. Using the wool left from the centre tie of the pom pom tie around the wreath and continue until it is completely full.