With the boho scene making a return, macramé couldn’t be a better craft to turn to.

Okay, so you might have in mind some gross décor that your parents had back in the 60’s, but it’s fair to say that macramé is now being used in a much more artisan and trendier style.

Macrame is totally achievable by the most novice of crafters, it just takes learning some basics and having some patience to crack on with it. What’s more, it’s great for giving yourself a calming craft project to do in your spare time.

Macrame can look great in any modern home, in fact macramé home ideas are a massive part of Pinterest and Etsy. Our favourites include wall hangings, chairs, cushions and even a floating shelf! We know we’ve picked some challenging ones here, but they look great enough to have a go at right?

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