Pom Pom Keyring

Save yourself a last minute dash to the shops and make this super cute Pom Pom Keyring, the perfect gift for any one.


This short video explains how simple it is to make this last minute gift, but there's also some written instructions below should you need them.

How To Make It:

  1. Using the small pom pom maker, create three pom poms, two of the same colour(i.e green) and one a different colour (i.e white), ensuring you leave a long piece of wool hanging out of each pom pom.
  2. Trim the pom poms down to your preferred length.
  3. With your green pom pom, thread a needle through the long piece of wool, and start to slide on your beads. Once you’ve slid three beads on, grab the white pom pom.
  4. Thread the still attached green thread through the middle of the white pom pom, so that it comes out the other side next to the long white piece of thread. Then thread back down through the middle to secure, and snip the remaining green wool thread off.
  5. With the loose white length of wool, repeat stages 3 and 4, adding on the beads, securing to the second green pom pom, and snipping the remaining white wool off.
  6. With the last loose piece of green wool, create a loop and tie it, cutting off any loose ends.
  7. Hook on the split keyring loop and your keyring is ready to use!