Journaling isn’t just a craft, it’s become an everyday way of life for most people! It can be used for collecting your thoughts at the end of a long day or even to organise your chaotic days!

Journaling is proven to change you behaviour and can even play a part in making better life experiences based on what’s happened in the past!

That said, we drill down into some of the best things you can journal for!

Writing journal

Are you an aspiring creative writer? A writing journal could be just for you. Creating a journal gives you a great opportunity to jot down your thoughts – the perfect place to hold absolutely everything you create!

Bullet journal

Love making lists? We do to! You can keep a bullet list for just about anything and you can make it as visually appealing as you like. For instance, colour coding could be right up your street for combining each category together.

Idea Journal

If you’ve seen a project you really like the look of on pinterest and want to get there yourself, an idea journal is the perfect place to brain dump all your ideas on how you can get there! For example, you can track what you’ll need, where you can get them and a step by step of what you need to do to get to the finishing line.

Reading journal

If you’re a self-confessed bookworm a reading journal is the best thing to start up! You can keep a track of what books you’ve been reading, jot down your thoughts as you make your way through the different chapters and even pick out your favourite quotes. These might give you some food for thought when your picking out your next books too!

Pregnancy journal

Often referred to as the best time of your life, why would you not want to keep a pregnancy journal? Keep a track of your symptoms at each week, maybe a picture of how bump is growing and even right down how you’re feeling. What’s more, if you’re suffering a batch of ‘baby brain’ you could even jot down your list of things to remember. That way you can treasure every minute of your baby journey!

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