Halloween is nearly upon us. If you're gearing up for a party or want to get into the spooky spirit we're going to be sharing some ideas for some easy Halloween decorations and costume ideas over the coming couple of weeks.

Here is our first make... some Darkened Poison Bottles!


How to make it:

1.  Choose three bottles of contrasting size and shape.

2.  On the first bottle, use the glue gun to create the effect of dripped wax.

3.  On the second bottle, use the glue gun to draw some eyes and a nose.

4.  Now, complete the skull design using the hot glue gun and add some drips from the top.

5.  For the third bottle, gather together the fabric, twine and Mod Podge.

6. Use a brush to coat the bottle with Mod Podge and apply the fabric and twine.

7.  Paint the bottles using black acrylic paint.

8. Mix a grey colour and apply to your bottles using a sponge.

9. Mix a lighter grey colour and apply over the detail with a dry brush technique.

10. And there you have it - your very own poison bottles.

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