Here's our next idea piece for a Halloween decoration... a Nightmare Catcher. Our designers take on a ghostly Dream Catcher.

This could be perfect for your front door on the night of a party or it can be hung in your home.

1. Spray the wreath black and leave to dry.

2.  Take three squares of grey card and scrunch into a ball to crease and soften the paper.

3.  Die-cut three flowers using the Winter Rose die.

4.  Apply white acrylic paint around the edges to add contrast.

5.  Die-cut three orange flowers and apply black Distress Ink to the edges.

6.  Place the end of a paintbrush or pencil into the centre of each flower and fold the petals around it.

7. Take the three separate flower heads and mount together.

8. Create four flowers, two of each colour.

9. Repeat from step 3 using the smallest Succulent petals.

10. Create three or four smaller flowers.

11. Die-cut the vine and apply the white acrylic as we have in previous steps.

12. Attach a strip of black webbing to the rear of the wreath. With a glue gun, add the flowers one by one, together with some wired berries if preferred.

13. And there you have it, your very own Nightmare Catcher.

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