This spooky-style dress is the perfect Trick Or Treat costume. With depths of purples and orange it's right on theme with Halloween, and it couldn't be simpler to make. Here, we explain how you could style your own.


How To Make It:

1.  Cut your different coloured tulle into strips, making sure they are double the size you want for the skirt length. Using a crochet hook, thread the tulle though the holes in your crochet top and tie a loop knot. Continue the whole way around for 2 rows.

2.  Trim two strips of sparkle tulle and tie at the top to make the straps.

3.  Tie a bow from coloured tulle and attach it to the dress using a glue gun.

4.  Trim a square of cardboard and wrap the tulle around it to begin making a tulle pom pom. Cut the wrapped material, securing it with another strip of tulle that goes in the opposite direction across your cardboard. Tie the strip of tulle to pull together your pom pom.

5.  Thread the headband through the tulle pom pom headband and secure with hot glue.

And there you have it, your very own spooky Halloween costume. Be the first to get our updates by signing up to our newsletter!