Struggling for ideas to keep the kids occupied this half term? Take a look at these fun, craft ideas that will have their imagination running wild.

Unicorn Embroidery Hoops

Unicorns are loved by every little girl right now! Have the kids make a DIY decoration of their own. Simply take an embroidery hoop, some pastel ribbons, coloured cards and a jar of glitter and they’ll soon be recreating a unicorn decoration of their own.

87 Home Design

Button Alphabet Letters

Get the kids personalising their playroom with these cute button alphabet letters. Cut out their initials from some cardboard, gather a box full of different, brightly coloured buttons and use a glue gun to adhere the buttons down. The children shouldn't use the glue gun as they could easily burn themselves.

It's Written On The Walls

Fruity Pen Pots

What better way to get your kids organising their craft corner than to get them to make the jars to do so? These fun fruity jars are a sure start way to keep the little ones busy. Save up some empty jars, reach for the paint and grab a black sharpie pen and they can add some fun characters to their fruity bases. These jars can be used for storing pens, pencils, buttons or glitters.

Color Made Me Happy

Wind Chime

What better way to create something different with the kids than with this fun wind chime? By getting them to decorate an unusually shaped branch from the woods or garden and completing with some clear fishing wire and some beads, they could make one of these versatile creations.

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Space Jar

These space jars are a great idea for those budding astronauts! Pop a few blobs of different space coloured paints onto a piece of paper and then, using a sponge mix, apply them to the jar. Once you’ve complete that layer put some white paint onto a paint brush and flick it onto the jar to create a starry element. Complete by popping a battery-operated candle into the jar.

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