With half term just around the corner, we're preparing to curb the the struggle of keeping the kids occupied. What better way to keep them busy than to get them to craft some Halloween makes. Here, we share some fun ideas for getting started.

Pumpkin Decorating

Ever get fed up of the messiness of carving a pumpkin? Try crafting it instead! We’ve found these great ideas which could add something different to your pumpkin this year.

The ghostly pumpkins would work great with miniature pumpkins and some papier mache or use a splash of black paint and some black card to add a bat-like look to your pumpkin!


Mason Jars

These super simple mason jars are great for adding some spook to your Halloween lighting. Painting the outside with some paint and using a permanent marker for the facial expressions, these Halloween Mason Jars are so easy to make!

Jolene’s Crafting

Party Bags

Add an element of Halloween to any plain old brown bag for a spooktacular party bag idea. You can write on the bags, paint them, or even add a badge which includes a ghost, witch or pumpkin. We find blacks, whites and oranges are the perfect colours for Halloween season. We have some Halloween dies that would be perfect for this!

Taylored Expressions Gallery

Pom Pom Spiders

Simple to make, these pom pom spiders are perfect for scaring your guests. You can use yarn to make the pom poms then add pipe cleaners as legs. These spiders are perfect for hanging from the ceiling with a clear twine or even for creating some great bunting!

A Pinch Of Joy

Trick or Treat Bucket

You can pick up a small plain metal bucket in most places these days, so grab some and get the kids personalising them ready for Halloween Night. You can paint them a block colour and then animate them with faces, or even wrap them in bandages and add some characteristics for a ‘mummy’ theme.


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