Hi I'm Teri, a home-based blogger here at The Lovely Drawer! I'm super excited to share my DIY Woven Earring Hanger make which I've made especially for Creative Rox!

I don’t know about you but I never have anywhere practical to store my earrings! They pretty much always end up in a pot and I’m usually rooting around trying to find a pair in a hurry, so I thought why not do a simple make that would keep them organised whilst still looking pretty on the wall. This tutorial is very straight forward and uses minimal materials so it’s an easy one for anyone to try!


How To Make It

1.  Start by separating the two embroidery hoops. You’ll need just the inner one for this project.

2.  Cut two lengths of the wool long enough to go from one side of the hoop to the other plus some extra. Start by tying around one side of the hoop and finishing with a double knot at what will be the back. Pull tight.

3.  Keeping the wool taught, take to the other side of the hoop and keeping do the same on this side, whilst making sure the knots are on the same side of the hoop and the wool is passing between without twisting.

4.  Then repeat steps 1 and 2 side by side until you’ve filled your desired area. Make sure the wool is pulled taught as you go and it should always be underneath the hoop when you look from the front.

5.  You can trim the excess wool a little to keep it out of the way and then you start the same technique in the opposite direction. This time, rather than going straight to the other side, take the two strands and thread them under the first two strands that are going in the opposite direction. Then with the next two strands, take them under four strands from the opposite direction  and repeat. You will start to create a diagonal line.

6.  When you reach what looks like the centre point, continue with this technique but back towards the top so that it starts to form an arrow head.

7.  Trim all the edges close to the knots but leave the bottom long. Just give the bottom a trim to even it up. You can add a little knotted loop at the top to hang or just use the hoop itself to hang it up.