Guest blogger, Teri at The Lovely Drawer is back at Creative Rox, this time showing us some fun and fabulous ways of decorating your home!

One of my favourite ways to make a house a home is by adding art to the walls. The great thing is that if you’re in a rented home, you don’t even need to make holes in the wall as art can look equally lovely stacked on the floor or fit on shelves if they’re smaller.

I gleaned some inspiration from some of the ‘new in’ Creative Rox goodies and came up with something simple yet effective. Aren’t those always the best craft projects eh?! Colour blocking with abstract shapes is still a big trend and by adding the gold leaf details the whole design comes to life to make something quite special.


 How to make it:

 Step 1

Cut your paper to the right size for your frames.


Step 2

Gather together the colours you want to use for each design. I keep my colours very similar so that they looked like a pair by the end.


Step 3

Now cut out your shapes and layer them on the paper to see how they’ll work. The great thing is that they don’t need to be super neat or symmetrical as that just adds to the slightly näive style.

Step 4

Use the glue stick to cover the backs of the paper shapes and then stick them in place. You can be as creative as you like or use these designs as inspiration although my advice would be to keep it simple.


Step 5

Use one of the smaller paintbrushes from the set to apply the PVA glue in shapes around your design. I created some lines, some dashes and some block shapes but once again kept them simple. Try and be as accurate as you can with the glue but you’ll only need a fairly light layer.


Step 6

After painting each shape with glue, cut a little of the gold leaf, discard the paper backing and press 

down gently and leave to dry.


Step 7

Peel the clear film off from the top and then use a larger dry paintbrush to brush away the excess and discard those bits.


Step 8

There you have the finished product, ready to be framed and hung in your home.