This cute crochet raffia bunny basket is perfect for storing Easter treats or even your crafting essentials. Crochet it in just a couple of hours using raffia for a sturdy and quick make!


This pattern is written in UK terms (with US conversions given below).

ch        chain

dc        double crochet (US single crochet)

htr       half treble crochet (US half double crochet)

inc       increase (or work 2dc into this stitch)

ss         slip stitch

sts        stitches

tr         treble crochet (US double crochet)

dtr       double treble crochet (US triple crochet)

Creative Rox has produced some easy-to-follow 'how to crochet' video's which demonstrates how to create each stitch, check out our Youtube channel.


The baskets are worked in a continuous spiral, without joining at the end of each row, you may want to use a stitch marker to keep track of the last stitch of each round.

The ears are started by crocheting down one side of a starting chain, then rotating your work (not turning) 180 degrees and working back up the other side of the chain.

The number in brackets at the end of each round/row refers to how many stitches you should have.

Basket Pattern

Create a magic loop and chain 1 to start

Round 1:          6dc into magic loop, pull loop closed. (6 sts)

Round 2:          2dc into each stitch around. (12 sts)

Round 3:          *1 dc, inc. Rep from * until end of Round. (18 sts)

Repeat rounds 1-3 as for large basket, ending with a round of 18 sts.

Round 4:          dc in back loop only of each stitch around. (18)

Rounds 5-7:     dc in each stitch around. (18)

Fasten off with a ss and sew in any ends.

Ears Pattern

Ch10, then starting in 2nd ch from hook: 5dc, 3htr.

In the last stitch of the chain, make 3tr. Working back down the other side of the chain: 3htr, 5dc. SS to finish and leave a long tail for sewing to the basket later.


Position the two ears next to each other on the outside of the basket and angle outward slightly. The bottom of the ears should sit just higher than the base of the basket. Using a large yarn needle and the tail ends you left on each ear, sew the ears to the basket, working around the edge of the ears where they overlap with the basket.

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