This week Hester from Hesters Handmade Home has dropped by with this great idea for some Upcycled Metallic Painted Clay Bottles.

"Take a look through your recycling for a couple of glass bottles that could work perfectly as some upcycled home decor. I found some perfect for a makeover using FIMO clay and metallic paints. They look fab once finished - a simple sprig of eucalyptus looks great in these copper striped upcycled bottle."

Please note, the handle is purely decorative, I wouldn’t pick the vase up by its handle, Especially when its filled with water


How to make it:

1.  Knead your FIMO clay so its nice and soft to work with. Now use a rolling pin to roll out your clay so that it is a few mm thick.

2.  With your ruler and craft knife cut out a rectangle long enough to go around your bottle and around 8 cm wide.

3.  Place the clay around your bottle and cut away any excess. Smooth the band around the bottle.

4.  Cut the handle out of the scrap bits of clay, around 2 cm wide and 10 cm long.

5. Attach the handle to the sleeve and smooth the clay down as much as possible.

6.  To make sure the handle doesn’t cave in whilst baking, push some scrunched up aluminium foil in the handle.

7. Bake the vase in the oven as instructed on the pack of clay (half an hour on 110 degrees). As you can see on the picture I made some beads with the left over clay.

8.  While the vase cools down put some dollops of paint on a piece of foil.

9.  Decorate your vase in any way you like best. Let the first coat of paint dry and apply a second coat.

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