Hey it's Ruby from Frank&Olive! Over the next month or so I'll be sharing three exciting new crochet projects right here on the Creative Rox blog.

First up, is my personal favourite... a GIANT pom pom scarf. I'm a sucker for all things pink and pom pom-y!

With the cold weather and dark evenings creeping in, everybody needs a mega warm and a bit bonkers scarf to cheer things up, right?!

Made from what can only be described as an actual real-life squishy cloud of yarn (Woolly Mahoosive Squiggly) and a pretty epic 25mm hook, this scarf is incredibly easy and very much doable for complete beginners. Just try not to go OTT on trimming the pom pom at the end as, I for one, am known for getting a little obsessive over that part…



I use a lot of crochet abbreviations in this set of making instructions, so if you're new to crochet, take a look at this 'What Is Crochet?' blog post to find out what they mean.

Row 1

Ch26 then slst to first ch to make a loop. Ch2 and 1tr into each ch around. Slst to first st and ch2. (25sts)

Row 2

1tr into each st around, slst to first st and fasten off. (25sts)

Pom Poms

Pom pom making materials

1.  Using a medium sized pom pom maker, make 10 pom poms in colours of your choice.

2.  Now trim them down and securely sew the pom poms into place (use image for guidance if needed) using a wool needle.

I really hope you love this fabulously stylish make as much as I do!

I'm Ruby, the designer behind Frank&Olive.

You can find me on Instagram at @FrankandOlive