This week's guest blogger is Fran from Fall For DIY! She's back with her latest make - a DIY Painted Macrame Wall Hanging!

'Every wall is made better with a wall hanging. I love hanging art, but adding texture is a great way to create warmth in a room. There are lots of ways to add texture to your walls, but macrame is definitely one of my favourites.

In the past few years macrame has mostly focused on an absence of colour, but trends are moving towards adding more vibrancy to the work. It’s a great way to be a little more bold with your decor choices and use colour that you might be nervous to try elsewhere.

Right now earthy tones are very on trend, but these strong colours can be intimidating to work with. Using them in smaller ways can update a room in seconds without the need to paint walls or update furniture.

This piece requires only one macrame knot. It’s incredibly easy and once you get into the swing of things you can whip this up in just a couple of hours. A perfect accompaniment for that Netflix binge you’ve been planning!


How To Make It:

1.  Cut 12 x 50 cm lengths of macrame cord. Fold these in half. Wrap the folded rope under the dowel and back down over the top so the loop faces down. Thread the rest of the rope through this loop and pull tight. Repeat with the other 11 pieces of rope along the length of the dowel. Turn the dowel over.

2.  Cut 20 x 120 cm lengths of rope. We’re going to be working with these from left to right. Keeping one end of the rope on the left hand side, bring the rest under the first set of two vertical ropes going from left to right. Loop it back over the top and back under, this time going over the rope that is already there.

That’s one loop in the knot. Pull this to create a loose knot.

Now take the rope under the vertical ropes from right to left back over the top and over the rope again (you’ll need to thread this through the space between the first knot and the rope).

Pull tight and you should have two horizontal loops.

3.  Repeat this until the end of the vertical ropes. The start on the next row with another length of rope. Remember not the pull the knots too tight. You want them secure but slightly loose to be able to build up the piece quickly. Once you have completed 20 rows trim the rope at the edges down and unravel them to fray.

4.  Next you’re ready to paint on your design. Cut shapes into a piece of card to create templates. This will help you to achieve clean lines.

5.  Place them onto the macrame and dab the acrylic paint on using a sponge brush. If you need to you can clean up the lines with a thin paint brush. Leave to dry and hang!