I love making my festive decorations. Each year I create something new to add to the catalogue of handmade baubles, garlands and ornaments. Pulling them out of the storage box in December is like a time capsule taking me back to previous years. I can vividly remember each Christmas, putting them on the tree or hanging them in our home. This is a tradition I’ll keep for as long as I can, making sure the whole family is involved, even if they need a little persuading to join in!

On that note this year might be the last time I’m making the decorations without the help of smaller, more clumsy hands. So I’m making the most of having more input on the creative process and making these gorgeous, minimal clay ornaments.


FIMO air dry clay/polymer clay (you can use either for this project)

Wood strip - 3mm x 10mm

Clay roller

Craft Knife


Needle or cocktail stick

Fine sandpaper

Baking paper

Thread for hanging


1. Roll out the clay into a long strip. Place the wood strip either side of the clay and rest the roller on them as you’re working the clay. This will keep the depth of the clay the same throughout.

2. Take one of the wood strip pieces and lay in gently onto the clay. Use the craft knife to cut the clay along one edge of the strip, then cut on the other side of the strip creating a long thin piece of clay.

3. Continue to work along the clay using the wood strip as a guide for cutting.

4. Cut the strips into the following sized pieces:

            1 x 8cm

            2 x 9cm

            2 x 12cm

5. If you’re using air dry clay use a little water to smooth over any imperfections.

6. Place the 8cm long strip of clay on its side.

7. Take one 9cm strip and line one end with the top of the 8cm strip, gently pressing together. Do the same at the opposite end. Repeat this with the other 9cm strip on the other side of the 8cm strip.

8. Repeat the last step with the two 12cm strips.

9. Using your finger to smooth the clay together where it joins at the top and bottom of the ornament.

10. Use a needle or cocktail stick to make a hole in the top of the ornament. Then depending on the type of clay you’re using leave to dry (air dry) or bake using the instructions on the packet (polymer).

11. When the clay has set thread a piece of cord through the hole. Tie it up and hang on the tree!