If you're keen on adding homemade touches to your home, these DIY Crochet Coasters could be the perfect addition.



  • Ch - Chain
  • Htr - Half Treble Crochet
  • Dc - Double Crochet
  • Puff st - Puff Stitch


Start with your 6mm Crochet Hook and macrame cord.

STEP 1 - Make a magic ring

STEP 2 - 8 dc into the ring, join at the end of the round with a sl st to your first dc if this round.

STEP 3 - Ch 2, 2htr into the back loop of each st around. Secure the end of this round with a sl st. Cut your yarn leaving a 6cm tail to sew in. 18sts

STEP 4 - Attach your Heather Yarn to any of your stitches in the back loop only. Ch 1, 3dc in the same st.

3 dc in each st around (back loop only). Join with a sl st at the end of this round to the first ch at the start of round 4. 54 sts

STEP 5 - Ch 3, puff st in the same st. *Sk the next st, puff st* repeat * to * for the entire round until you have 27 puff sts.

Join this round with a sl st. Cut your yarn and sew in any loose ends.


If you would like to add fringing to your coasters (just like the image at the top of this post) begin by cutting lengths of 8cm yarn.

Join 6 lengths of the yarn to make each tassel. Weave them into each st around your coaster, ensuring they have been trimmed to the same length once each st has been completed.

Your project is now complete.