Hey, it’s Caroline from Burkatron blog. I’m so happy to be back on Creative Rox sharing a tutorial for this simple clay planter!

If you didn’t already know, I’m obsessed with using clay! It’s such a versatile material and I’m a huge fan of using both polymer and air dry clay for my craft projects.

I have a big collection of plants and love to make my own planters for them, especially for smaller plants like my cacti and succulents which don’t need too much TLC.

This tutorial shows you how to make a fun 3D textured planter that you can pop your plant pot into for some instant style!

Materials needed:

How to make it:

Step 1. Roll out a packet of air-dry clay using a rolling pin. The clay needs to be approximately 5 mm thick.

Step 2. To begin making your planter, take a craft knife and cut out a rectangle that measures 5-inches x 12-inches. Remove the excess clay and put it to one side.

Step 3. Roll the excess clay back into a ball before rolling it out flat onto the board again. Now we need to cut out a circle for the base of the planter, you can either do this freehand or find something round to use as a template.

Step 4. Cut out your circle and put the excess clay to one side. (Keep the excess clay wrapped to avoid it drying out.)

Step 5. Take your clay rectangle and wrap it around the circular base. Smooth out the joint line with a little water.

Step 6. Take a small piece of spare clay and roll it into a long thin sausage shape.

Step 7. Place it inside the planter where the base meets the sides. You’re going to use it to bridge the joints. Using your fingers, smooth out the clay into the joints to seal the planter.

Step 8. Smooth any joints or edges with a little water, I tend to use my hands but you can use a wet brush too.

Step 9. Roll out the remaining clay and cut out lots of rectangles with your craft knife. (You could cut out different shapes like stars or circles if you wish!)

Step 10. Wet the back of the shapes and stick them to the planter by simply pressing them into place in a pattern of your choice.

Step 11. Leave you textured planter to dry out fully. This will take a few days. Once dry, you can either paint it or seal it with some spray varnish.

As this is a decorative planter I wouldn’t recommend getting it too wet. Plants that don’t require much water like cacti are ideal (or simply the plants you choose in their plastic pots so you can remove them when they need watering!)