Hey guys, Caroline from Burkatron blog here! I’ve popped over to share a tutorial that I’ve made for a brass and clay wall hanging for Creative Rox using their polymer clay.

You might know that I’m a big fan of clay projects, it’s such a versatile and easy to use product (I'm always amazed at how strong polymer clay is once baked). If you’re new to using clay this is a great project to get you started. Let me show you how I’ve made this fun wall hanging that you can style up to use in any room in your home!


How to make it:

1.  Roll a ball of polymer clay in your hands to warm it up. Once softened place it onto a mat or chopping board and start to roll it out with a rolling pin.

2.  Roll out the clay until it’s approximately 5 mm thick. Take a craft knife and start to cut some shapes into the clay (Remove the excess which you can roll out again to make extra shapes.) I tried a few variations of half moon shapes and circles in various sizes but you can cut any shape for yours!

3.  Punch some holes into your clay shapes, I’ve used a clay punch but there are lots of things you can use to make holes like a knitting needle, pen or nail. (You’ll need the holes to help thread the shapes together later so make them before you bake the clay.)

4.  Pop the clay shapes into the oven to bake (follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packet)

5.  Once cooled you can paint the clay. I love muted pastel shades so i’ve mixed up a peach tone using this acrylic paint set.

6.  Once the paint is dry you can assemble the wall hanging. I played around with lots of different combinations and settled on a row of large half moon shapes for mine. Thread the shapes together by looping some jewellery or craft wire between each set of holes, twist the wire together at the back to secure.

7.  As an added detail you can add some tassels. Wrap some jute twine around a piece of card until you have the thickness of tassel you require.

8.  Carefully slide the tassel off the card and secure it by wrapping some more twine around one end.

9.  Take some scissors and cut through the twine at the opposite end to finish the tassel.

10.  Attach the tassel to the clay hanging with another piece of wire.

11.  Take a large brass stamping disc. Drill two holes at opposite sides using a small drill bit.

12.  Attach the brass disk to the top of the clay hanging with another piece of wire. Lastly thread string through the top hole to hang the wall hanging!

I hope you’ll try making one and don’t forget to share them with us by tagging #makersnation and @creative_rox on Instagram!