With Father's Day just around the corner it's about time you got your skates on and got that gift sorted! This gift card holder makes the perfect personalised present!


How To Make It:

1.  Cut out a rectangle piece of grey card and use a sentiment stamp and some black ink to print it onto the grey card.

2.  Cut a thin strip of grey card and use scissors to trim this into a tie shape.

3.  Cut one piece of Craft Asylum 12 x 12 paper in half. Now, fold this in half ensuring the checked side is on the outside.

4. Fold the piece of paper out so it is flat. Now fold each of the sides inwards so they meet at the middle fold.

5.  Get a ruler and measure approximately 2" from the top. Fold the corners back to create a collar.

6.  Turn over the creation so far and measure 2 cm from the bottom. Now fold this piece of paper back.

7.  Flip over the make and again measure 2 cm. Now fold back the corners at the bottom.

8.  Now fold the creation in half, from the bottom upwards, to form the base of the shirt.

9. You'll need a ruler again for this next bit. Measure 2 cm from the bottom of the fold and fold again - this will help to create the bottom of your gift card holder so it stands up. To create this effect you will need to unfold your creation and refold the lines to ensure they are sturdy. Your lines should reflect those in the image below.

10.  Whilst you've got your make unfolded you can add your stamped sentiment into the centre using PVA Glue. Also, cut another square of card so you can personalise your gift card holder. Don't forget to add your gift card before you fold your holder back up.

11. Finish off your gift card holder by gluing on the tie you created earlier. And that's it! You have the perfect handmade gift hard holder gift!