How to use embossing powders in craft projects

In line with our 'Brand Of The Month' campaign, we want to demonstrate the ways in which you can use our Ranger products. This blog post is a spotlight on embossing powders and how you can use them to embellish your craft projects.

What You Will Need:

How To:

  1. Press your stamp into the Embossing Ink Pad (ensuring it's fully covered) and then press it onto your cardstock.
  2. Have something at the ready to catch any excess embossing powder. Tip the embossing powder onto the embossing ink and spread it over the ink to ensure it has stuck. Now tip off any excess. (a second piece of card will do the job)
  3. Turn on your heat tool and hold it about 4 inches from the paper. Move it over the embossing powder and it will set. Once the embossing powder is set it offers a raised and glittery effect to your project!