Hey guys, Caroline here from the Burkatron blog! This feature blog shows a quick tutorial for a rainbow wall hanging that I’ve made for my pals here at Creative rox.

I adore making decorations for our home, especially ones that are quick, simple and bring bags of personality to a room. This rainbow wall hanging is a fun craft project for a nursery or children’s room and it’s super easy to make yourself.

I picked a selection of muted pinks and greys that I thought worked well together but you can pick any colours to make your own custom rainbow. I hope you’ll enjoy making this project as much as me.

Let’s get started…!


How to make it:

1. Cut a length of cotton rope measuring approx 10cm. (If you want to make a larger rainbow just make this length of rope longer.)

2. Take some craft wire and twist it along the length of the rope. Once you've done this trim the wire so you have a few centimeters of loose rope at each end. (By adding the wire you can now bend the rope into different shapes.)

4. Take your first coloured yarn and knot it 3-4 cm from one end of the rope. Start wrapping the coloured yarn firmly around the rope.

5. Keep wrapping the yarn until you reach 3-4 cm from the opposite end, trim the yarn and knot to secure.

6. Repeat the above steps with more lengths of rope with different colour yarn each time (I recommend at least 5 colours.) Wrap the yarn closer to the ends of the rope for each section of the rainbow as you get closer to the outside.

7. Bend the rope lengths into a rainbow shape. To secure them in place sew them together by threading a needle through the middle of each one. Knot to secure.

8. Secure each side of the rope rainbow by sewing them together too.

9. Trim any excess wire and untwist the loose rope at the ends. Fluff out the strands and trim them level with scissors.

10. Quickly sew a loop of string onto the back of the rainbow so you can hang it!