With St Patrick's Day just around the corner, we know it's a great time to think about throwing a party! We've got some super simple ideas for DIY decorations, including some drinks straws and bunting. What are you waiting for? Have a go at making some for yourself!



How To Make It:

1.  Either draw or print your required images onto coloured cardstock.

2.  Cut out all of the images.

3.  If the shapes have multiple elements, piece them together and glue, then ink the edges using Distress Inks.

4.  Using a hot glue adhere the shapes to the straws.



How To Make It:

1.  Choose coordinating patterned paper.

2.  Draw your bunting onto the back of the patterned paper.

3.  Cut out all of the bunting.

4.  Using a ruler work out where to punch the holes.

5.  Punch holes into the bunting.

6.  Thread the ribbon through each of there holes and tie a loop in each end.