Oh I remember the excitement I felt each year when mum got our stockings down from the loft!! They were homemade and outrageously large which is only ever a plus as a child. It felt like such a ritual, one to be treasured, one I want to carry into our own home and Christmas traditions. With that in mind I decided to make a modern stocking with a natural feel using Creative Rox’s extensive supplies. I’ve come up with this neutral number, complete with macrame trim, perfect if you’re trying to escape tacky Christmas stockings!


Everlasto 34/3 5mm Natural Cotton Twine

Natural Rustic Fabric Collection

Hand Needles size 24

Sew All Thread

5 Inch Scissors



Masking Tape

Sewing Machine

Step 1

Create you’re own stocking shape or download my free template available at my blog, The Lovely Drawer. Print onto card and then draw around onto the cream fabric. When you’ve done that once, flip the template over so it’s a mirror image and then draw around again to create the second piece for your stocking.

Step 2

Draw a toe and heel section onto your template and cut these out to create the next templates needed.

Step 3

Now on a darker material, draw around both sections and then once again flip over to the mirror image and draw around again. You’ll be left with four pieces to decorate the front and back of the stocking.

Step 4

Cut the stocking, heal and toe sections out.

Step 5

Now pin the corresponding heal a toe sections on each stocking piece.

Step 6

Fold the top of both stockings, roughly a centimetre and iron a crisp edge. The material should be folded inwards so that will become the inside of your stocking and won’t be visible.

Step 7

Using a sewing machine, loaded with the thread, sew along these folded edges to fix in place.

Step 8

Then sew along the edges of the pinned heal and toe sections with a straight stitch, keeping as close to the edge as possible.

Step 9

Now take both stocking pieces and pin together the wrong way round as the outside will become the inside of your stocking. Sew along the edge, following the shape around, roughly 1cm from the edge. Turn out once finished so you can see the right sides again.

Step 10

Now for the Macrame trim. Cut a length of the twine which is slightly longer than the top edge of your stocking. Tape down either end to keep in place. Cut 6 lengths of the twine, roughly 40cm each, and then fold in half looping them onto the base string with Lark’s Head knots as shown below. This means folding the folded section over and behind the base string to create a loop to thread the other ends through. Pull tight. Repeat for all 6 lengths of twine.

Step 11

After that you have to make square knots. You do this by starting with the four cords on the left hand side. Bring the right cord over and to the left of the two anchor cords. Place the left cord over the right cord and then bring the left cord under the anchors and through the loop formed by the right cord. Be sure to alternate the string which is placed on top. Pull tight and then you have the first half of a square knot. Repeat this but the opposite way around so you start by placing the left cord over.

Step 12

Continue creating square knots all the way along the top (you’ll end up with 3). Continue making square knots underneath but start one cord in. This will mean you end up with 2 in this row.

Step 13

Repeat this at the bottom point to make a pyramid, so there will only be one square knot in the final row.

Step 14

Now it’s time to edge the bunting shape with diagonal half hitch knots underneath the square knots. Using the strand of yarn that is furthest to the left (holding cord), place it diagonally over (from left to right) all other strands (working cords). The placement of your working cord determines the direction and angle of your half hitch knots. 

Step 15

Progressing from left to right, tie a half hitch with cord 2. Pass cord 2 over and then under the holding cord, followed by over itself to form a loop. Pull the knot tightly and push it up to where you want the start to be. Tie another half hitch knot to make it a double half hitch. Continue down the left hand side and then onto the right where your actions should be a mirror image (progressing right to left). Repeat steps 10 - 15 twice more to finish the whole trim.

Step 16

Trim the cords, leaving a little length so you can separate the threads and fray them slightly.

Step 17

Then hand stitch the macrame trim to the top of your stocking using the thread and a hand needle.

I simply stitched at about 7 points along the top and then stitched over and over many times at wither end to finish it off. Trim the excess cord on either edge. You could also stitch in an extra loop of cord if you intend to hang your stocking.

Your stocking is ready to hang by the fire!