Homework stacking up? Procrastinating over what to write next in your Uni assignment? Why not take a well deserved break and get your craft on?  These quick and easy Bookmarks from Crafting By Lucy will brighten up any text book!


How To Make It:

"Choose 4 different designs of paper stock for the front of your bookmarks and one piece for the reverse.

I have used a piece of thicker plain card in-between the front and reverse paper sheets to give it extra strength.  Remember not to make it too thick as you need to hole punch the bottom of the bookmark to attach your tassels.

You will need sharp scissors, a paper cutter if you have one and some strong glue.

For the tassels you can use some scraps of yarn if you have them or you can purchase small balls of yarn in bright colours with enough for 4/5 tassels per 25g ball.

To begin, measure and cut your thicker middle card to your desired size.

My bookmarks as shown measure 6cm in width by 16cm in length.

Next trace the your bookmark onto your front and reverse pattern papercard and cut out.  Once you have your three pieces cut out, glue the front and reverse papercard to the middle card ensuring you line up the edges.

The next step is to measure the centre of your bookmark (3cm) and use your hole punch to create a hole for your tassel.

Making the Tassels

Use a piece of your thicker card cut to the desired tassel length.  I have used a piece of card measuring 8cm in length.

Take your first yarn colour and wrap it around the piece of card - length ways approximately 18 times (less for a thinner tassels and more for a thicker tassel).

Cut your yarn and leave on the card.

Cut another length of yarn measuring approximately 16cm and thread it through the gathered yarn at the top of the card.  Use a double knot to secure the yarn together before you remove it from the card.

Once you have removed it from the card cut a second length of yarn measuring approximately 30cm.  Tie it around the top of your tassel (approximately 1.5cm down from the top) and wind the remaining yarn around the tassel.

Finally cut the tassel at the bottom separating the joined yarn and trim it to your desired length.

Your first tassel is now complete.  Weave in any loose ends and secure it to your book mark through the hole. Thread the extra yarn length back down through the tassel to secure it in place.

Trim your bookmarks if needed.

Your first bookmark is now complete!

These bookmarks would make great personalised gifts too. What more can I say, than happy crafting!"