Jars, boxes, pots, baskets - they’re all perfect for storing your craft supplies. With Spring on the horizon there couldn’t be a better time to schedule in a craft room spring clean.

Here is a checklist of things to sort in your craft room over the coming weeks.

  • Check your yarn, threads, ribbons and floss! If there are any with a short, unusable threads left, throw them away. For any reels of cotton, ribbon, floss or balls of yarn that have plenty of material left, ensure they are fully wrapped and won’t come unravelled and pop them all in a box or jar for tidy keeping.
  • Sort and fold fabrics. You’re bound to have collated a number of fabrics that have been chopped here and there since you last had a sort out. Sort through it putting scraps to one side and folding any fabrics you can use to one side.
  • Sort through embellishments. It might be worthwhile investing in a compartmented tray for this exercise or even buying in some small pots, so you can separate each. Buttons, beads, glitters, and so on should be sorted into individual compartments or pots. You could even group your buttons, glitters etc into colours/size etc.
  • Descale your iron and wash your ironing board cover. This will ensure that any future projects won’t be left with dirty marks.
  • Test and sort markers. Go through and check that your markers are all working as they may have dried up or run out of ink. If they have, there’s no reason to keep them, so throw them away.
  • Sort through pins, needles, knitting needles and crochet hooks. Any bent pins and needles should be discarded, and any odd knitting needles too. We recommend using a pin cushion to store your pins and store your sewing or embroidery needles in a pot.
  • Sort and stack paper. Whether it be by colour, type or thickness it’s worth having your paper ready and raring to go. Any scraps should be recycled, and the rest stashed away nicely for next time.
  • Check your brushes and sponges to ensure they’re clean and glue free. If they have dried glue on the likelihood is they will need disposing of, however if it’s just paint they can be cleaned. Pop brushes in a jar or pen pot to keep them stored together.
  • Sharpen your scissors and blades. Did you know you can sharpen your scissors with tin foil? Unlike scissors, any blunt blades you have will need disposing of (safely) and replacing with new ones.
  • Clean and oil your sewing machine. Do some checks on your sewing machine, making sure that any loose threads are removed, and all of the parts are well oiled and in working order. You may do this regularly but it’s always worth another look.

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