Follow Creative Rox's simple step-by-step guide and with just a few papercraft essentials, you can craft a card your Mum will love this Mother's Day!

What you will need to Craft a Mother's Day Craft Card for your beautiful Mum...

From the Sizzix Die Cutting & Papercraft Range:

Other materials:

Once you have the above materials, grab a cuppa and follow the below step-by-step instructions to craft your Mother's Day Card masterpiece!

Step 1: Use the card base cutting die from the set to cut your base from smooth, white cardstock. To do this, first trim an A4 sheet lengthways, so it is A4 length but with an A5 width. Lay your die so that the cutting edge is near the top of the card and the embossing edge is near the middle.

Make your Own Mother's Day Card - Step 1

Step 2: Run this once through your Sizzix Big Shot machine. The die will not cut a complete shape so now you need to turn the die 180 degrees and lay so that the embossing edge of the die meets the embossed line and the sides of the die follow the cut lines. Then hold in place using some masking tape.

Make your Own Mother's Day Card - Step 2

Step 3: Fold along the centre embossed folding crease, then fold the top section back along the left-hand crease to create a zigzag shape. The crease line on the left should remain unfolded. This is to give the option to have the butterfly element fold from the other side.

Step 4: Fold the left side along the crease and turn the card on its front on the cutting plate. Place the framelit circle element half over the crease line and run through the machine to cut a semi-circle.

Make your Own Mother's Day Card - Step 4

Step 5: Now cut all of your other elements in your chosen colours. Cut the detailed butterfly element from Ballet Slipper cardstock and the base butterfly from white card. For the flowers, I used a mix of various bright colours for a spring theme. Colours include: Banana Blast, Mint julep and Lavender Dust. The sentiment was cut from the mirror card from the Rose Gold opulent cardstock pack.

Make your Own Mother's Day Card - Step 5

Step 6: Adhere your elements as shown in the image using Sizzix Express Glue

Step 7: Cut some of the small circle elements found on the same die as the sentiment and adhere to the top-right corner to add balance to the composition.

Step 8: Before adding your string, adhere your layered butterfly element to your string using express glue. Cut an extra of the white butterfly base elements to reinforce the adhesion.

Step 9: To add the string first turn your card around so that you can see the flap with the circle cut-out from the back. Add double sided tape to the back fold line above and below the cut-out. If you don’t have double sided tape available, use Sizzix Express Glue. Hold your string taught and fold the flap over it so that it is placed in the doubles sided tape/glue applied to the inner fold. If using glue fold over and hold until the string has adhered well.

Step 10: Trim your excess string using Scissors.

You're finished! The Mother's Day Masterpiece that your Mum deserves is complete! Admire your heart-felt work before using your pens, to write a heart-felt message to your beautiful Mum!