We're back again with some more winter warmer additions for your home. This gorgeous pale pink and grey wall hanging is fab for adding a feminine yet warm touch to any living space. Don't fret, if you don't want to use the same colour scheme as us the great thing about this make is that you can switch the colours to those more suitable for your home. Here, we take you through how to make one yourself.


How to make it:

1.  Cut your dowel to the size you would like your wall hanging to be.

2.  Trim strips of yarn, ensuring you cut them double the length you want the finished project.

3.  Wrap the yarn around the dowel and thread a loop at the top.

4.  Continue repeating this step with your chosen colours until you fill your dowel with yarn.

5.  Once all the yarn is added, use a glue gun to attach the faux flowers and leaves.

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