Add these sparkling Christmas Tree's to your table decor. They can be used simply as the tree's they come as or you can personalise each of them with names and turn them into place settings.


How To Make It

This short video demonstrates how you can make your own mini Christmas Tree table decorations. If you'd prefer, we've also provided a written set of instructions below.

  1. Paint the wooden tag with white paint. Once it’s dry, use the sanding block to add a rustic effect to your tag and put a small hole in the middle using a sculpting tool.
  2. Cut out the glitter card tree shapes using the fir tree die and Big Shot machine. Whilst you have your Big Shot machine, use the same die to cut out a star shape using the pastel pink card too.
  3. Fold all the tree shaped cut outs in half, so that the glitter is on the inside of the fold.
  4. Glue the trees together to make yourself a 3D tree shape.
  5. Put a toothpick in to the centre of the tree where all of the shapes join.
  6. Put some of glue gun glue into the hole of the wooden block and then push in the wooden toothpick.
  7. Complete your tree by slotting the pink star into the joins at the top of the tree.