How cute is this versatile Christmas Star Jar? It could make a great gift or play a simple and stylish part in your Christmas Day table décor.


This short video offers a demo of how to make this Christmas Star Jar, but if we've also written some instructions if you'd prefer to take a look at these.

1. Take your candle and add a dab of glue gun glue to the bottom. Secure the end of the glue to this and tightly wrap the rest of the string around the candle jar, ensuring there are no gaps in between the string. Secure at the other end with a second dab of glue gun glue.

2. Add coloured paint into a jar and dilute with water. Paint half of the string with the solution to create an ombre effect.

3. Die-cut the star shape of the Sizzix Fir Tree Die twelve times.

4. Spray mount a star and cover with embossing powder, hold still with a multi-tool pen and use the heat tool to set the embossing powder.

5. Spray mount another star and cover with glitter, tipping it on its side to discard of any excess glitter.

6. Repeat the last two steps until all stars are decorated.

7. Using a glue gun, secure the stars to the string at the bottom of your jar to complete your project.