Black and gold is always a firm favourite when it comes to Christmas party decorations so where best to start than this gorgeous black and gold star garland.


How to make it:

1.  Firstly, you’ll need to cut out a selection of stars using the Big Shot Machine and the Sizzix Bigz Star die. This garland uses the following amount of each stars:

  • Large star - 4x dark blue, 6x gold
  • Medium star - 2x dark blue, 4x gold
  • Small star -2x dark blue, 2x gold

2.  Add glitter to some of the stars, using Photo Mount to secure it. You don’t need to use glitter on all of the stars as it’s nice to have different textures on the project. For this project we applied glitter onto two medium gold stars, two large gold stars and two small gold stars. Make sure you shake off any excess glitter.

3.  Create a loop at one end of the string to be able to hang the garland.

4.  When attaching the stars to the string you will need two of the same size and colour star. You will place one star down and place the string on top, secure using masking tape. Spray the second star with Photo Mount and place on top of the first star (so that the string is between the both stars).

We’ve used this order for our garland - large dark blue, medium glitter, large gold, small dark blue, large glitter, medium gold, large dark blue, small glitter, large gold, medium dark blue.

5.  Finish by creating a hoop at the unlooped end to be able to hang the other side of the garland.

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